Judas Iscariot via Ann Dahlberg, July 5th, 2019

Judas Iscariot

July 5th, 2019

Channeled via Ann Dahlberg

I am Judas and today I will speak about the beautiful mind that resides in you. It is a mind that is so light, warm and loving that you cannot avoid feeling a great peace and joy within when you discover its shine of light. It is your task to seek out this mind and let peace and joy surround you. It is when you become aware of your inner self that peace can manifest on Earth – peace in your outer and inner world. It is God will that you should be happy and it is when you form yourselves according to his will that the heavy and dark within you is crushed and replaced with a still joy and peace. A new heaven has then been attached above your heads and you now belong to a different kingdom where only joy lives.

Is it not to here you long? Is it not to here that you want to direct your steps? Do you not want to remove your veil of tiredness and worries and again see the stars with a child’s happy eyes? God’s will is that you are happy. What is your will? Are you looking for happiness or more problems? Which mind has the power in your life? Is it the still and loving mind that sees everything in a light and loving shimmer, or is it the ego mind that sees problems everywhere and they seem to mount everywhere you look. The ego can catch you with temporary gifts – gifts of things that you have wished for, but it is a short lived happiness. The light mind can give you a constant inner joy of peace and happiness. Have you not played the game of the ego long enough now to see through its holes? It is not time for to take the step full out and become a servant of the light for the Earth you walk and love.

You came from the light and it is to the light you will return. This is your important function on Earth today… to seek your inner light and let it become the source where you gather your power and energy. It is from the light inside of you that you lead yourselves and your world out of darkness and into the light of joy and peace. First you need to let it grow within yourselves so that you stand on solid ground and does not let yourself be influenced by the how the world is rocking. Your vision needs to be a true vision from a perspective of light. Only the perspective of the light can show you real truths. There are many who believe they see the truths, but their view is often veiled. A short temporary light cannot give you the truth you seek. You need to live in constant peace with yourself in order to see very clearly.

Clairvoyant is a gift that you all have when you have reached the light of your heart. Life can then be seen from a whole new angel, and you will immediately understand what your most important task on Earth is. The gifts one has received have been given to all. God loves you all equally unconditionally and you as brothers and sisters should respect and love each other in the same way. Are you doing this… dear Earthlings… are you doing this? Have you found your heart where the unconditional love resides? Maybe it is time for you to take a deep dive within yourselves so that your valuable treasure can be found and be brought up to your consciousness. It is there that it now should be so that your steps become lighter and lighter. It through the light of your heart that you changer your own world, which in turn is reflected in your outer world. Your life has now become a place of light, where its rays shines over the whole world, so that more can catch them and become new emitters of light.

This is what I wanted to speak with you about today and I leave you now with much love and peace.





Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan

Source: www.sananda.website

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