Timothy in Agartha via Beatrice Madsen, July 4th, 2019

Timothy in Agartha

July 4th, 2019

Channel: Beatrice Madsen


Greetings to the earth plane, Dear Ones,

I am Timothy and now live in Agartha. I am a deeply developed being and I now work for active contact between the surface plane and the inner Earth. Us in here have lived for a long time in a peaceful world and are in this way your role models and predecessors. We all now rejoice that the connection with you can start in a serious fashion and a fruitful collaboration can eventually be created. In here various races and groups live side by side and the whole thought structure about war, attacks, duality and aggression-aversion is outmoded and has no form.

I really want to call it an outmoded thought form, as it will become so also for you in the future. It will then be so hard to understand that one would attack somebody else that had another view, skin color, hair color or wrong gender.

It will be the same for you when it comes to religions. These will eventually become historically interesting. You will be talking about – do you remember when we had different forms of religions and they battled each other? You will be laughing at “my God was the right one and yours was false. You will perceive this as madness just as one today perceive it as madness that what one previously believed that Earth was the center of the Universe or for that matter that the Earth is flat.

We are here and are ready for contact with you when you take the first step. There are many who already are in touch with us and many do this at unconscious level, but it will take some more time before we can achieve a public collective acknowledgment. This latter part will happen in unison with when it becomes more generally known that there are plenty of extraterrestrial civilizations, which also are present on the surface of the Earth.

I Timothy is an old wise and developed soul and have also earlier been incarnated on the surface. My latest life was in the ancient Egyptian kingdom and the channel perceives my skin tone as slightly bluish in its radiance. We are here in Agartha in a physical manifestation and I am particularly interested in working with energies connected to oceans and water. Also in Egypt I was interested in shipbuilding and I have chosen to further develop this interest here in Agartha. I enter into the finest details and develop the most beautiful ships you can imagine. Some would say they look somewhat like your early medieval ships, a mix of them, Egyptian ships and high technology vessels.

The Inner Earth civilizations and the surface plane have always been connected via the large oceans. Mermaids, dolphins, whales are a kind of connection link and they can swim in and out of Agartha and the Earth plane.

The there are storms raging in your world where you live, but I want to remind you to see Earths beautiful moments. See the beautiful shroud of leaves during this flowering summer time – see the clucking of waves that connects her with other worlds, that are right around the corner, above, below, within and outer. See into all the wise animals’ eyes that live around you and see that you can there find a reflection of the stars of heaven shining and flickering spark.

We wait patiently for your steady development towards the light and we look forward to the joy of reunion, which is akin to when the lost sheep returns to its correct flock.




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan

Source: www.sananda.website


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