Judas Iscariot via Ann Dahlberg, September 6th, 2018

Judas Iscariot

Thursday, September 6th, 2018

Channeled via Ann Dahlberg

I am Judas and I much to say to you today. It is the times of surging waves, waves of feelings that flow in different directions and intensity. It feels as if you sometimes are turned inside out, dear Earthlings. It is because you need to let go of old patterns, which no longer serve you. Now is the time to raise your vibrations on Earth. The old patterns of a lower vibration need to be let go in favor of new patterns of a higher vibration. This can be felt and experienced in many different ways in your lives and in your dreams at night. You might be facing new challenges in your life and you might also wake up with an unpleasant feeling of not being able to cut loose from the situation you are in, in spite of the fact that you do not want to be there, but want to move on to something else. These are injunctions to you to let go of the old and to let the new take a larger space in your lives. You need to understand that you are more than you have become, as the Lion King so beautifully said. You have all what is beautiful and fine within you and it is time to let these sides take more space in your lives. You are both loving and brave. You have all you need inside you. Anchor yourselves in Mother Earth and let her heal your karma and your worries. Send a prayer up to Father/Mother God that he assists you in your efforts to be healed by Mother Earth. Mother Earth has the ability to heal and transmute your problems so that they disappear from your body. You become lighter and happier of mind and feel a larger calm and a larger confidence in your body and in your soul. This is when your gifts are starting to show and you get a clearer view of which path to take. Your steps become more secure and that which was heavy and difficult becomes lighter as you now can see more possibilities. The voice from your heart tells you the best and easiest path for you.

There has been great turbulence inside and outside for you for a while. However, now the surging waves will calm down a little bit and give a little space for reflection – an opportunity to take a step further in one’s own evolution. This is true for you as well as for the Earth and the rest of all the beings who live on it. Now take a quite moment to ponder in which direction you will go. What is your next step? What has life told you? Have you stopped and listened? Have you understood all the signs that you have received or do you need more help to interpret them? Do you want clearer signs or a clearer voice from your heart? Ask for what you need and it will be given. It is so said and so it will be – so be clear with what it is you want and seek, my dear Earthlings. We stand ready to listen and we do everything for your prayers to be heard now. This is true on your own inner level. The outer will then take care of it self. With the right intention, the right focus and the right vibration you have the bird in your hand. You are bombarded with higher vibrations today so receive them and let your body share in them even if it might feel a little awkward sometimes, as you might have to both remember and cry over things you have already left, but not dissolved. Everything is dissolved much faster now. In your awareness and understanding of yourself your karma is disappearing at the same pace as when flushed down the toilet.

It is time to break free from all negative energy structures and adopt the new positive energy structures that are now available. Mother Earth is in the process of building up its energy structure of light and love around the Earth. This also impacts your energy structures and this is why there is such turbulence on your surface right now. It is time to choose which structure you want to keep inside you. Will you choose the light or the heavy one, the positive or the negative? Pay attention and follow your heart now. Listen inside in order to receive the guidance you need. Become aware of signs around you, which tell you which way you are heading and how you should navigate this path.

There is much positive that is happening in the world now. There are many who sing the song of their heart. There are many beautiful things appearing because of this song – things that benefit humanity and all life that belongs to Earth. I am most grateful for this and many songs of praise are sung in your honor. Earth is on its way… you are on your way. Be in your heart and enjoy your new path to light and beauty, my dear ones.

We walk with You – We love You so much.

See you soon / Judas




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan

Source: www.sananda.website

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