Lady Nada via James McConnell, November 27th

“Lady Nada”
I am “Lady Nada”. We hope that this was a wonderful trip for you and that you experienced healing. Healing of love, of wonder, of feeling. We hope that you were able to connect with that one who was with you at all times. With that one who is walking this path with you.

We are so proud of all in this group. Sananda and I have taken this group to heart. Every Sunday we and others are with you. Even if we do not speak, we are here with you. We are here to share with you and to care with you and to help you along the path that you are walking.

We know that there are so many things that you discussed in the group today. We are only going to address that you have walked past that finish line. These people in this group, all of you, have walked across the finish line and at this point are waiting for others to catch up. You continue to read that the Cabal is here or there and all of this mess around the world that seems to rising up. You can take heart knowing that this group is feeling and seeing clearly. There are still those around the planet that continue to stir up trouble. They think that they are stirring up trouble but in fact the troubles are gone.

You are in your new plane. You are in your new existence. And those of you who will be joining us at the Advance will learn of this more and more and will have opportunities to see clearly and to hear clearly. To know exactly who it is that shares with you on a regular basis.

We are pleased and proud that so many come here to grow and give this group a chance to share and to care. It is time to “keep on keeping on”. Know that this is your time, my friends. This is your time to shine. It may feel like you are at the end of your rope sometimes but know that this rope is marking the end for you and gives you the time to go back and to help others. Then coming back to this point and finishing.

We give your our love and blessing. Thank you.


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