Message from your Hostess of Light, January 19th, 2021

Message from your Hostess of Light | January 2021


January 2021

From Your Hostess of Light

As I get this newsletter ready to send out, all hell has broken lose in the USA, as if we have sidestepped time and now have a platform and performance in the revolutionary war, everyone seems to know their parts. Like a show that has stepped off of Broadway all we can do is watch in shock. Yet we also know it was a tame movement compared to what could have happened. A great solar coronal mass ejection set its site on earth as a willing target on January 6. This created an even more explosive atmosphere for change in the form of chaos. Hold tight to what you know to be truth let her become buoyant.

This past year has torn us to shreds like a lost love letter, never read, only to find a home in the fires of scorn. We have all been walking on broken glass and eggshell whites, tip toeing thru the tulips of life. Covering our soul scars with a pretty mask. We feel fractured and pointing in every direction like a sailor’s Compass gone awry in the Bermuda triangle. We are all spinning around and around as the time doors catch us in there vile vortices.

Whether one is in the eye of a hurricane or riding the magic carpet for the first time, matters not, as the time fluxes buck us all around like a cosmic cowboy’s first rodeo. A deep penetrating light comes forth and reflects its knowledge upon the atomic structure of mankind creating a prismatic tempest that reflects beautiful rainbows, showing all that is Holy within us. We are asked to pick up the very sharp broken pieces of the old Self and life and lovingly polish them into a place of light.

Like a Quantum particle that has seen itself in the mirror for the first time we are dazed in full spectrum Light. We are learning to mirror and heal within all the fractures and fractals of self, soul and cell structure. We seek are missing parts but do they live in the past the future or the now? A Vortex of divine reflections is created from all the fractals of self, life and dreams that have been broken in 2020. These Quantum reflective particles will show you strength of purpose and illumination that lives within your inner sanctum and sacred Temple.

We no longer are who we once were a year ago, we look back longingly for that part of ourselves to see it drifting out to sea like a Morning Mist seeking Avalon. All parts of our dimensional self are in a place of new time and configuration, a new consignment, a new perception of possibilities and unperceived outcomes. The tools of light live within us unfortunately there is no manual or petroglyphs on a stone wall showing us the road to enlightenment. we as many a time traveling caveman, willingly step through the magic stones and enter a world of divine directives that are woven through all of life in her myriad form, every cloud every leaf every word spoken.

Just like Alice in Wonderland nothing seems to fit anymore. We seek our true world because we know we are out of sync and hopefully not out of time! We are but Islands of light that float upon a sea of what could be. Yes. We are swayed by oncoming tides and storms. Yes we hold on for dear life as it seems Mother Earth tries to shake us off and yes we do feel Castaway as if nothing and no one cares anymore.

And yet we have life, we have light and we have a mustard seed of Hope that lives in our soul. Humans have always adapted through time and space, but this time around dear ones do not adapt to lesser than, but adapt into a higher light quotient and fuller Spectrum of Divinity. You are the victors of light on this living chess board called Earth. Your moves will be etched in time as a virtual learning for others to partake. Like King Solomon, serve up this Light assignment with Justice, Light and Power.