Love is our new reality

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Mother Mary, August 2

Mother Mary, a little perspective.

oceanpotato: 8-2-2015

Please Creator, assist in this communication for the highest good of all, of purest intent, and that the words be laid down to represent the energies conveyed by our loving friend Mother Mary.

Dear hearts, I graciously accept your invitation and would love to try to assist you all, busy actively increasing the love, light, higher energies, whatever label you could try to associate with what you are all actively participating in. I as well do the very same thing in that I too actively request assistance that my communications be assisted and purest possible. I too am on the journey you see? I exist as you all exist. I Am growing and developing as you are. So you see I Am the same as you. We are all creation. As you well know it is impossible to convey that which you all have learned, to those around you, of what you have uncovered within you all. That, that does not “fit into the normal senses.” Each soul must do this for themselves. The best way I feel I can covey to you all what you can do to help others, is to just keep putting one foot in front of the other. Try to remain as high as you can. “A little laughter coming through just now!” And no I don’t mean high in that way! So you are all these lights running around. Not every light in the same experience as any other. Now this higher light that you are emitting than some in your particular vicinity is operating whether you know it or not. Whether you are actively increasing it within your being and projecting it for others and all things or not, it is operating.

Now of course it is stronger, the more Active and Knowing that you are, you see that is where you are headed. You see and know things difficult to share. It’s like showing a photo to someone, they can see the picture, but not know the experience. And so my dears much you feel you must keep to yourselves. Only please try to know that now that it is found within yourselves, this energy if you will, is on it’s own affecting everything around you. This is why we keep on telling you that you are not alone. We share energies with you, and we too can not show you the experience.

Now can you see that what you each have found can not be lost? Can you please try to remember on your darkest of days it is there.
It is working for the highest good always, and so you are not stumbling dear hearts you are marching. Now a bit about the areas where you find yourselves, and this business about “What you project into the world, is what you shall get in return.” First off, what you project is not just into “This World.” And as I mentioned earlier not all you lights are in the same circumstances. Some of you carry a light into fairly safe or hospitable areas. For others not so much. Everywhere it is needed. And many give their all including their biomass in service to the light. Would you say that fits the mold? Only guess what, in the larger “Picture,” It does. The positive impact of even the most terrible acts on the light, do come about.

So dearest ones lift up your hearts, and your heads, trust that from your awakening good will always come, from your love and positive action progress will always be made. Perhaps years after the act of betrayal, abuse, rudeness, or any “lower” actions you all face, a crack in another ego shall come to pass, and a light will grow, because you dear heart shown light, did not react in kind and shown your absolutely incredible strength, in letting it go.

I Am a being same as you, and happy to share a picture with you, though I Am not capable of showing you how things really are.
Call if you wish my assistance in any way, and I will surround your being with all the love I can flow through my being to yours.

Your friend, some call Mother Mary.

message free to all.