Love is our new reality

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Saint Germain via Nancy Tate, October 23d


Wake up Call: St. Germain, October 23, 2015


Dear ones, it is time for me to update you on what is coming in the next few days, weeks, etc. We will be finding all kinds of allowances for the ones who have been creating their own tirade of events for what they termed to be the betterment of their world. I say now that they are seeing the truth of what they thought was in their best interest, regardless of what others thought, and how they were affected.

These ones that so many have called the cabal, and illuminati, are in the last throes of what they have created, and as they lay themselves down at their mercy, and begin to see how they have affected the rest of the world, they are seeing themselves in the shadows of what they have created. They are being shown the world that they have created and how it is affecting everyone and everything on this planet. They are realizing what their manipulations have caused and are beginning to feel what the rest of the people have been feeling. They are taking the toll of what they are seeing and ingesting it within their beingness. They are finding the truth of what they have created.

I see that they are beginning to realize how they have fallen so deeply away from their origins. They are seeing the truth of what they came here to do, and why they agreed and volunteered for their journey to the darkside. They are now intercepting what it is that they see it to be, rather than what it was going to be, in their ideas. They have learned so much in these past few weeks and even months, as the truth of what they have accomplished is swimming before their eyes. They are now seeking the compliance that will help to lift them out of the depth of chagrin that they are dealing with now.

As they see more and more of the others who have been in cahoots with them, they are feeling the sorrow of what they too are experiencing. It is not what they thought it would be. It is so far down from what they thought it would be to arise from the muck and mud, and yet they are still trying to take acceptance of what they have done. Once they feel your love for them, they will begin to understand and remember what it was that they agreed to, and why. They will know why they are no longer in the energy of the earth that brought them to their knees. They are now in a different situation, a place where they are only able to experience what they have brought to those on earth who have had to undergo the effects from them. They are now feeling the same kind of responses to what they created in their essence of the cabal/illuminati.

This is what they also agreed to when they came to this planet to contribute their part in the journey. As the rest of you also are seeing what they are experiencing in your inner knowing, you too are seeing what your part was in this whole journey. You are seeing that in other lifetimes you as well contributed to all aspects of life in this experience. It is all in the expression that we all agreed to. Now it is time for brother and sister to reunite and begin to express the love for each other that will assist one to the other to send the Love that will release all of existence from the bondage that we have all created in one form, one degree, or another. We are in the process of freeing each other from the bondage that has been in place for all of these millennia. We are now coming back to our pureness and our oneness that was in effect from the beginning of our expression from the Oneness that we all were.

Are you ready for this? Do you understand how powerful Love is in being able to free us all from the bondages that we have created? To feel the love, the forgiveness for anyone who has taken any of the freedom from another is to, at the same time, free oneself from any other lifetimes in which we took ourselves into the darkness that brought about a division of each other. We are now expressing the return to that Oneness. As we accomplish that, we free each other and ourselves from any straps that have held us in a frenzy for so long. It is time for us to feel the Love for those who have played their roles in a way that was so bonding as to sink even further into the darkness of forgetfulness of what the truth is about the power of Love.

I see even as this is being written, and as others are reading it, that there is a powerful uprising of the feelings of Love. It is so beautiful and in strong contribution to the upliftment of all of life. As I sit now with my heart in my hands and send out my Love to you all, I do so to the whole of Life and in a way that is in harmony with all of you. We are one. Our upcoming journey back to the Oneness that we are is in full swing. Come along, dance and sing with me. Go to the ends of the earth and back in harmony and the beauty of Love. That is who we all are; we are the Spirit of the completeness of One. Love to you all!


Thank you dear St. Germain,

Much Love, Nancy Tate