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The Angels: Be In Ease and Feel the Grace of Your Life, October 20th, 2021

Be in Ease and Feel the Grace of Your Life


The energy builds and old resistances dissolve. Every day it is more. Now as the seasons change, be in ease and feel the grace of your life: the still morning air, first birds on the wire, beginning of fine light across the quiet lanes and the alleys. In this, we are with you.

You have grown so much. With every breath you take, you include higher energies. In the clarity of your awakening consciousness, you can enhance each moment, each thought, each discreet action. The thought of support brings it; you need only pay attention. This gift of awareness if yours.

Everything now shows you how fluid life is. Never before on Earth have the energies been so strong and decidedly for positive and the good of all. The controlling powers of fear and hatred diminish. Exciting to witness, but such change can seem utterly terrifying up close. So we urge you to know your steady point, steady center, steady stream. In one breath you can be there. In it, we are with you.

We are your helpers in every situation if you allow. Call us in. A growing part (heart) of the population knows how much more smoothly and effortless days can flow with connection to the Angels and the realms of light. Some of you have begun to talk with your Angels in these last seven days. A simple practice to start the day, saying out loud or in silence, “Thank you, my Angels, for being with me today. Help me now as I begin.” With every call, we are with you.

We delight in entering your lives more fully. We comfort and we soothe you. We support you. We guide you. We overlight you. Always and again we bless you. We love you.