Love is our new reality

The Angels of the Heavenly Realms and the Hosts of Hope via Karen Vivenzio, August 25th, 2020


The Angels of the Heavenly Realms and the Hosts of Hope

Dearest of hearts, the light shining from you mirrors the stars. We are watching you and waiting once again for the hearts to align, to deepen our connection with humankind. We are standing in the midst of the grand turning point dear children. Like a massive ship it does not turn all at once but takes a few tries before it rights its course. You are right now in the middle of the storm. The eye of the needle, getting squeezed from both sides. And now, we are waiting for your hearts to re-align. The glory of heaven – watching and waiting dear friends.

And what will you decide? To continue to rise higher in vibration, closer to the heavens? Or to divide and separate and scatter among the masses? What is your choice at this time? Unity or division? Wholeness or separation? The outcomes are being built. Time for you to align. Bringing everyone together or letting things slide back into the abyss of the infinite mind.

The sounds you are making – wonderful sighs, as you see the future you have created in your glorious eyes. You are almost there. Keep on walking forward. Missteps no longer allowed – you will be picked up and carried by the crowd. So rejoice in your knowing that the blessing times are coming – in fact you can see them starting to emerge from the debris of hatred in your world. For what goes down must come back up – fruitful laboring and tending to brush, the forest glows with so much traffic, a fruitful bounty, a heaven sent smorgasbord of positive intent. And the growth spurts forth to cover the mirth. The laughter of a merciless Lord lingers no more.

For in this space between worlds at this time, there are heavenly creations of a power quite live. Holy, divine, joyful creations bridging time, conquering the divisions of your current life. The lines of separation are about to disappear, with all the world holding it’s breath to see what comes next. It is time for you to see the light. It is time for you to climb the mountains that divide. It is time to put your swords down and embrace the fruitful mind. How can you help make a difference my child?

By standing down from any events / arguments.

By refusing to enter the exit – don’t go back in doors that have closed. Keep on walking forward. See how you can recommend a change in direction, toward unification not separation.

Stay centered in your own desperation, apart from the commiserating nations and hold the flame of hope for a better tomorrow. For the curtain is closing – the janitors are clearing the clutter so the stage can be reset. A new story to unfold, blessings to behold. Do not be afraid to be bold.

With love and blessings we are here by your side – the angels of the heavenly realms and the hosts of hope