Love is our new reality

Aita Channeling Her Higher Self, August 26th, 2020


What a beautiful day it is on Planet Earth today.  Our Dear Ones, Our Dear Hearts, let us talk about you on this wonderful day that God has created.  Who you are, what you have lived through and why.

You who are listening are Lightworkers Starseeds.  You are in a physical Human body, a biological robot.  That body is nothing without the Soul, the Divine Essence, the source Energy that animates it.

Many kinds of Souls incarnate into Human bodies to experience, that is, feel the feelings, of life on Planet Earth.  You are the highest in frequency, the most loving, amongst the most empathic beings that did so.

We have said this often, and we will say it again.  You are great multi dimensional beings.  You are waves of Conscious love in the Ocean of Gods Conscious love, in the ocean of awareness.  For, awareness, at a high frequency, is love, is consciousness.

You sent a drop of water from the wave of Consciousness that you are, you sent your Soul to Earth to inhabit your body temple.  You were not on the Human Karmic wheel.  You were not in the Human karmic cycle.  Yet you chose to come here.  You volunteered.

That is hard for you to believe, for – with no memory of who you are, you cannot imagine why you would choose to do something so painful.

Planet Earth is not a happy place, she was designed for Divine Souls to experience that which they are not – fear.  In the bliss of Heavenly togetherness, communion and camaraderie, telepathy and oneness, as Spirits, you just were in bliss and harmony.

It was a wonderful time and a wonderful way to be with you brethren, your fellow drops of water in the ocean of God consciousness.  Yet there was little growth.   In the meantime Planet Earth was deeply suffering.  The situation had got out of hand.  The Earthly experience was designed for Souls to grow.

If you have always lived in a large and grand mansion, you take it for granted.  You do not know how wonderful and unique the experience is for you have not lived any other life.

Then, if you lose that mansion and are in poverty, then you really appreciate what you had.  And, were you to get it back, you would be in gratitude and pleasurable joy and appreciation.

So it is with life on Earth.  Having lived in the Nirvana of Heaven, the Earthly contrast of the not preferred events and negative feelings, are the darkness that is experienced so that a greater appreciation of love, and light and Spirit harmony can be gained.

Humans come to Earth to grow their love quotient, their love frequency, and so did you our Dear Ones.  Yet you were higher in frequency than your Human brethren when you came here.

Those that play the dark on this Earth, call them what you will for they go by many names, the illuminati, the deep state, the powers that be, the government behind the government, the petty, selfish bureaucracy of the world.  The control of those that play the dark had got out of hand.

Mankind was entrapped in a prison planet with entrained subservience and slavery repeating in incarnation after incarnation.  And he was parroting the words and phrases of his dark controllers.

He was living the life and the script that they had designed for him.  He was feeling fear to a great degree, entrapped in befuddlement and discombobulation.

And Humanity thought this unhappy world, this tight and painful existence, was all that there was.  He did not know how to break out of it.  He did not know that there was any other world or any other way to live.

Enough we all cried, we must free Mankind we shouted.  And, as more advanced beings in frequency, with a greater quotient of love, we volunteered to come and spread our love and light, our radiance on Earth.  This has served not only to grow our own Souls, but also to help Mankind.

You, our Dear Ones, have been different from the start.  Your empathy and understanding are unique among your Brethren.  All your life you have seen more of the big picture, you have been more empathic than your fellow Humans.

From the start you have had the feeling that you did not belong.  Because you were so kind and gentle, you were put upon by your brethren.

They enjoyed poking and prodding at you with the negative words and phrases that came so easily to their lips, for you did not hit back.  This is the behavior that their controllers had trained them into and you were perfect foils for their wicked words.

You could not understand how people said such unkind things to each other and to you.  You did not respond in kind, you took the slurs and unpleasant jibes that were thrown at you.

You were more intelligent than those around you, and yet you felt less than them – for you received so many insults and denigrations that you took your valuation from those around you, as a rejection of you.

You felt very alone and lonely, desolate and helpless.

How are you different, what are your gifts?  You see a bigger picture of life than those around you.  So, over the years, many have asked you for your help and advice.  Many have turned to you to tell you their stories.  And you have listened with open hearts.

You chose very difficult lives dear ones.  For, to be of help, you really needed to feel the negative and painful feelings of the Planet Earth experience and live through dark and difficult events.

Many of you, because you were so put upon by your Human brethren, became, alcoholics,  food addicts, anorexic, had numerous serious illnesses, operations and physical problems.  a feeling of dis-ease was your constant state.

Things were, at times, so painful, that you wanted to end your life.  And yet, somehow, in the background you knew, that despite the difficulties, despite the arduous nature of your existence, there was a deeper purpose in your life.  You knew you came here to do something important.  But what, and why did you suffer so?

And so the years went by.  And slowly you knew there had to be a better way.  So you embarked on your Spiritual search.  You read book after book, went to lecture after lecture, attended seminar after seminar, explored various churches and spiritual teachings.

And, with great effort and determination, with affirmations, journaling, mantras and meditation you broke through.  You began to recognize how the Human reality was created.  The words you used became all important to you.

You realized, at last, that your words, your behavior, how you held yourself, were the control mechanism of your life.  Loving, empathic words and unconditional listening changed your life.  Service to others became a joy.

And now, you have woken up to the reality of who you are.  You have cleared yourself from most of your Human negative entrainment.  You have lifted yourself above the fray of negative focus and denigrating thoughts.

You now know deeply that your words and thoughts create your reality.  You know now that words are the control mechanism of Human life.  Change your words to be loving and empathic and you change your life to be filled with joy and peace.

And now, Dear Hearts, Dear Souls, is the time of ascension.  The timelines are separating.  The third dimensional computer program, the third dimensional matrix that holds together the fear filled world of the yin and the yang, the controllers versus the controlled, is ending.

Love, consciousness, awareness is infusing the world with its wonderful radiance.  And you are the first recipients of this wonderful gift.  For you are of a higher frequency.  You can more easily embody the love and light that are pouring in.

 You are receivers and radiators of love source energy.  You are so designed that your every in breath draws in light and your every out breath flows, radiates waves of love.  You can feel your loving and radiant aura now.

That is why we say you need do nothing.  Just be, just breathe.  Your very beingness influences the world around you in the most positive way.

And now your real work begins.  You have each been placed strategically around the world.  You are where you are meant to be.

And you have each been given your own congregation.

At this moment you have a challenge.  Your brethren love you for you are so kind and non judgmental, compassionate and caring.  Yet, you cannot talk with many of them for they are engrossed in their fear of death.

Their talk is of hatred for politicians and fear of the virus.  Wear your masks, social distance, they shout as they are focused on and parrot the words of the newspapers and television, the words of their dark controllers.

Wait Dear Ones, wait.  This is your congregation.  Yes, you each have your congregation.  Very soon much truth is to be revealed and a great shock will be felt around Planet Earth.

The truth will set many free.  But much pain will be experienced with the telling of this truth.  The dark night of the Soul, anger, depression, discombobulation of every sort will be experienced by your brethren as they see the nature of the lies that have been told and the deception perception.

This is where you come in dear Brethren.  For you have done your research.  You know the truth and, you are here to help them.

This is your congregation that you are here to help.  And you are and will be in joy, for you are in alignment with your Souls purpose, fulfilling your mission.

You have not long to wait now.  The time of revelation is very shortly at hand.  Just be, just breathe.  Smile and radiate waves of love and light around you for all is very well on Planet Earth today.  Nirvana, Heaven is at hand.

Aita Channeling Her Higher Self.  We are Blessed Beings Indeed.