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The Collective via Caroline Oceana Ryan, September 21st

A Message to Lightworkers – Sept 21, 2016

This week’s channeling answers two questions from a reader, who asks:

First question: There are people who are so engulfed in the 3D illusion, that they cling to it with their very essence.

What options do they get when it comes to reincarnating? Some will not want a 5D experience.  

We are all multidimensional beings, but there are those who choose 3D on very deep levels. I know those in bodies can stay in 3D, but what about those returning?

Second question: I live in a small town in California where UFO conversations are very common—it’s a busy place with very real Galactic experiences on a regular basis.

I get the distinct feeling the starships are visible to those vibrating at a certain frequencyis that one measure of how close our vibration is to approaching 5D?

[The Collective]

Greetings, dear ones! These are both fascinating questions, and we will speak of them each in turn.

It is so that many millions, at least half the human race, are still entrenched in third dimensional reality, to the point where they feel it is foolish to contemplate living in a higher reality before physical death occurs.

Your consciousness, which has grasped that one no longer has to leave the Earth in order to move into fifth dimensional life, is well ahead of these ones who are further behind you on the path of growth. 

Their path is still sacred, and still a beautiful and thrilling journey, if a difficult and challenging one some days.


For those suffering in places of war or experiencing other situations of conflict, fear, lack of food and water, and loss of family members or illness, it is exceedingly challenging.

Yet we would say, that they chose to come to Earth at this challenging, even at times, frightening time in Her history, for the very experiences they are having now.

We wouldn’t say that they are not on the Ascension timeline, but that their Ascension timeline stretches out into a different path and trajectory than yours.

This does not mean that they are not Ascending.

It means that when they are ready, they will acknowledge both the possibility and the choice of Ascension.

They will choose to develop their Lightbody, transforming their Merkaba vehicle into the level of Light and higher awareness needed in order to move into the fifth dimension while still in the physical form.

Most of these lifeforms do desire a fifth dimensional experience.

You might say, that they think of nothing else, in their desire for safety, for normalcy, for creative expression, and for Love, including self-Love.

The karmic cycle of death and rebirth into another third dimensional existence is ending on Earth.

Those you speak of will not be reborn here, to continue their 3D experiences and path.

They will be born onto a planet very similar to Earth—one might say, a third dimensional version of Earth—or another third dimensional planet.

But they will not be born into a fifth dimensional Earth until they are fully capable of sustaining that vibration on all levels. Otherwise, their physical selves would not last more than an hour in 5D vibrational existence.

Trust that those who choose to continue in a 3D experience do so for their souls’ own progression and understanding.

They will not always be in such a low vibrational field—there are many more choices now, for those wishing to move on.


And the third dimensional existence that greets them will not be so harsh and violent as the one you are familiar with.

There will still be 3D lessons and experiences, but not so overwhelmingly hopeless, and not so closed and narrow in thought and belief structure, that Ascension seems an ephemeral pipe dream that few can attain.

Regarding your question as to whether starships are visible to those vibrating at a certain frequency, and whether that is one measure of how 5D a person’s vibration is, we would say that nearly all starships are visible to persons of any frequency, whether to be seen inwardly, with the inner eye, or outwardly, with the physical eyes.

The question being, Will that person permit themselves to view the ship? Or is that too frightening a venture for them?

You are at a place where the ego-mind is struggling with all its trained might to remain in control of your inner choices and ideas.

We are glad to report that it is fast losing that tug of war, to the heart-mind.

If your heart-mind is open and clear in its intent—if you are very focused about wanting to see the ships, and to connect with those in them who are watching over Earth, and observing Her Ascension journey—then yes, it is most certainly a reality that you may experience.

The reason you feel that those who are more 5D in vibration are more easily able to catch sight of the ships, is that you feel that they have “more in common” with those in the ships.

Yet we assure you that you travel to these ships nightly in your sleep state, where you work and visit with fellow shipmates and commanders, and those in support of your Earth mission, particularly those in your soul family.

We assure you that you have spent much time in the ships, both between Earth lives, and etherically in this life.

That time is spent working to fulfill that which you came to fulfill in terms of your mission—your contribution to Galactic peace and cooperation, or to the cleaning and renewal of the planet’s air, water, soil, and atmosphere.


Or the introduction of fifth dimensional technologies to Earth’s people, or the healing of her plants, people, and animals, and many other vital missions that Lightworkers joyfully took on before incarnating at this crucial moment.

All Lightworkers have had contact with Galactic friends and family and fellow coworkers or comrades on their path, on one level or another, physical and/or etheric.

Your physical body, however, doesn’t quite see it that way.

It has been trained since birth, in this Earth life in particular, to fear certain situations as being too out of control or “strange”—too much an uncertain outcome, for you to bear.

And so there have been those who cry out to be contacted by the Galactic brothers and sisters they know are their own family.

They  have cried out to see the ships, and to experience them from the inside, in their awakened state.

Yet their bodies register only terror at the slightest move in that direction.

This is understandable, and no one judges you for it.

Yet the more you can view yourselves as multidimensional, Galactic citizens, dear ones—the more you release the fear you were taught as children, and the old Earth human survival training—then the more you allow that which is increasingly becoming a normal (though not yet universal) human experience.

You knew, as children, that you were not alone.

You knew there were Angels and Faerie folk and Forest folk and many others labeled as “magickal” who were as real as anyone you knew.

You knew that dolphins could speak aloud, and that all animals spoke to you telepathically, as the Earth and the wind and trees could also do.

You were born with memories of having been aboard spacecraft, and wandering the galaxy.

You knew the stars were not so far away, not inaccessible, and that other planets held life.

But then you went through the conditioning process, some of it seen, much of it unseen, that informed you that you would be called a fool for believing any such nonsense.

And that perhaps these things did exist, but that they existed down a deep rabbit hole that would take you from all you loved, all that was safe and familiar, and cast you into a frightening brew of alienation and loss of friends and family. And you could not bear that.

We speak not only of the fear engendered by films that Hollywood has produced since the Roswell crash (there were not many that told you ETs were dangerous, before that time!).


We speak as well of how teachers are taught to teach, of how writers and journalists are taught to write, and how the producers of news shows and feature films are taught to produce the exact same fiction, in different forms—one as “news” the other as “entertainment.”

And yet the lies remain.

You feel the dissolution of these lies now, dear one, or you would not ask these questions.

We assure you that you are capable, all of you, of seeing the ships.

Say to your ego-mind, “You are not my higher aspect. My higher self is piloting the ship now. Release this fear! I am one of them. You know that.”

And then look to the skies and say Hello to your family.

For we are here, dear ones! You know that.


And as always, Galactic citizens, we and all your families welcome you home.

Namaste! We are with you, always.


Copyright 2016, Caroline Oceana Ryan

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