SPECIAL MESSAGE from The Galactic Federation of Light via Inger Noren, December 5th, 2020

The Galactic Federation of Light, via Inger Noren 5 Dec 2020


On the occasion of the 2020 US election, this announcement is of the utmost importance to inform the American people about what has happened in the election of the two candidates regarding the US Constitution and the election of the President.

We in the Galactic Federation of Lights have observed a large number of fraudulent ballot papers, among other things, to ensure the democratic election of the president. This is not in accordance with the regulations of the security of the American people. The incumbent president is the rightful president who is elected by the people without fraud in his ballot papers. Evidence of this electoral fraud will be announced to the people for knowledge of how everything has been presented by the incumbent president and also how the democratic leader has snatched ballot papers to try to win this election through lies and slander.

The evidence of this electoral fraud has been reviewed by the courts that monitor and approve the election of the President and they have decided that this should be stated in a message to the people by President Donald Trump. Furthermore, this electoral fraud has given a concession to victory for the incumbent president and will from now on refer to the incumbent president as the winner of this election. This electoral fraud has previously been a problem in previous presidential elections and has occurred in every election in the world, but this electoral fraud has taken far too large proportions and must make the people aware of the frauds and lies that have been given to the people for a very long time.

This will mean that the incumbent president will be the one who will clear out a lot of the members of the Democratic Party and also change the infrastructure that has prevailed for a very long time by bringing the American people behind the light that everything is just as it should be with lies and betrayal about a better life for everyone. Instead, they have contributed more suffering to the people in the form of poverty, hunger and homelessness. This must end and the incumbent president will help the American people to a better life in the form of a new infrastructure that will apply to everyone, that is, everyone will have the opportunity to receive medical care, have a roof over their heads and avoid starvation.

The large pharmaceutical companies that provide medicines to be able to cure covid-19 quickly will be available to everyone and the medicines that harm instead of cures will be removed and replaced with medicines that really cure and do not kill. As for the new vaccines that the various pharmaceutical companies have developed, they are unfortunately still very dangerous to use. Much has been corrected in these vaccines but they are still not something that people should take for prevention. These vaccines can be directly lethal with additives in the form of programmed components to keep people in control and turn them into slaves, among other things.

It takes several years to develop such a pure vaccine that it is safe to give to people for adequate protection against diseases. No vaccine can be developed in such a short time as it has been done now and get them totally clean to help people form antibodies against diseases. Being vaccinated now means that you may not see the side effects until a long time to come, but then they are all the more serious and can cause lifelong suffering if you do not die from them.

It is very important that people are informed about this. No one should be forced to be vaccinated and everyone should fully understand what it means with these vaccines. Many people still want to get vaccinated to stay at the forefront of development for the continued work of trying to be part of the scientific development. No one can deny this to anyone because it is the free will that applies to human beings. Much may change for the better for the people and the American people will be the first to be affected. Europe will eventually follow and then the rest of the world. No differences in equality between countries in the world, but there will be equality between rich and poor countries. No difference in groups between people and the great segregation in the United States, for example, will eventually be smaller. People will realize that the difference between them is not so great either in skin color or when it comes to religion. These are major restructurings and it will take time before this change is noticed, but it is towards this development that everyone is approaching.

This pandemic has been able to make people think about how their lives can work in the future. This closure has had a purpose in this regard and to get people to go into themselves in order to get an idea of how they would like to live their lives for themselves but also for the rest of the population of the world.

2021 will be a year of great revelation in many respects that will shock the world and also be a wake-up call for better or worse for everyone in the population. It can be very turbulent for a while but also a stance for a better and more peaceful world for all.

The Galactic Federation of Lights Many thanks.


In loving service. I AM





Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan

Source: www.sananda.website

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