Love is our new reality

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Brenda’s Blog via Brenda Hoffman, June 21st, 2021

Dear Ones,

Even though your need to be right is a topic we, of the Universes, have touched upon before, the recent energies have encouraged some forerunners to dig deeper into their 3D rightness.

All issues – both old and new – are now up for review and discussion. Even so, some of you have continued your 3D beliefs in your new life.

There is no wrong or right – only what you need at any moment. Others with differing opinions might be in a different phase or helping you recognize your new you needs.

Sometimes, you cannot sense your needs without pushback from someone with an opposite or even similar view. Have you ever felt the need to experience something until you did and then realized that is not who you are or wish to be? So it is now. Many of you are pining for something you think you want because of the actions of those with opposing views. Such dreams are a reaction instead of a new you action. “We all need to do this to counter that terrible action.”

Even though you might feel as if you want to be part of that counteraction, please pause a moment to ensure such is true. In the current chaos, there are likely many issues that upset you. Not because those issues are your new you piece, but because you want a loving world. What is now being displayed often seems the opposite of that wish.

You are a unique being with unique needs. You are no longer a world savior. That phase was completed when you helped shift earth from 3D to 5D and beyond.

You are now a personal savior – of yourself.

So review your current needs to determine if what you pine for is from your inner-being or merely a continuation of 3D shoulds. For have you not always pined for peace on earth, including all the elements necessary for that to happen?

Even though you might wish to help create peace on the earth, such a dream is only effective if you initiate peace within you. You are no longer a caretaker for anyone other than you.

For the eons you have been of the earth, the most likely person you ignored, did not trust, or did not even like, was you.

Your new you role is much larger than you realize. For if you and millions of others listen to your inner voices, there will be more peace on the earth than you can now imagine.

Fear is only possible if you do not trust or like yourself. So job one for new you is to listen to your heart. Not your fear. Not what others want, or you think need, but your heart. Your heart, your inner voice, will not lead you astray.

Until you listen to your inner-being, you will continue to live in fear, even rage, about how terrible the earth is for this person, that country, or that group.

Your inner voice is your new voice of reason.

Your logic and intellect are only as correct as your book learning or personal fear experiences. Logic and intellect are limited to what you and others have experienced while of the earth and how those experiences were shared.

Your inner voice is your Universal knowledge plus all related experiences. It is wider, deeper, and not fear-based because those Universal elements are love.

Of course, that last statement seems a bit woo-woo. But, know that your inner voice is much wiser and more personalized than has ever been true of your earth logic.

The entirety of your earth logic is based on fear. “If I do this, that won’t happen.” Your inner voice is love. “If I do this, I will add to or complete my personal role in assisting the shift from fear to love.”

It is time to listen to your inner voice, not because you have to, but because by doing so, you will shift from fear to love.

The 3D version is that shifts only happen en masse. And since there has never been a global consensus of earth beings, the hope of a loving and peaceful earth never happens. So this new earth role that you are now ushering in is about changing yourself, and by doing so, you will do more for group consensus than any movement, political party, or discussion ever created in 3D.

Three-D was about talk and the hope that others experienced the same sensations as you. And underlying every action was the subtle wondering if others of that group were telling the truth or were as committed as you.

Now that millions are beginning to listen to their inner voice, truth or commitment will not be a concern. For when awakened group participants are no longer interested, they will move on. Just as you might flit from interest to interest based on your inner voice of rightness, instead of financial needs or popularity.

So it is communities of like-minded people will form until peace on earth is a given. Not because a group has decided that such should be true, but because competition, outer-directed power, and greed will not be interesting to those participating. And those who wish to experience those aforementioned 3D sensations will find others like them.

Do you realize how uncomfortable a 3D human would feel in a community without fear or power struggles?

You are new beings in a new world learning to follow your inner voice of love instead of your outer-directed 3D voice of fear. So be it. Amen. To receive Brenda’s Blog, please click the Subscribe Button on the upper part of her “Blog & Subscribe” page and then click the – Subscribe to Brenda’s Blog by E-mail – line. Complete your subscription by entering your e-mail address and accepting the e-mail confirmation. Or subscribe via

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