Love is our new reality

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Horus via Elaine DeGiorgio, January 31st, 2018

Sitting in the Sacred I AM Presence with My Beloved Heru and my Spirit Guide Team Heru imparts the following message….

Children, stillness is the key to inner connection… It is time dear children to connect with your inner stillness for in this now I come forth through the heart of my beloved to speak to you all now about your inner connection.

Harmonization and Love is the key to Oneness. Stillness is the key to connection with all the Divine Qualities…

Love as you know is the joining of Hearts for you are truly all part of the Greater Plan….

When you made your journeys of separation upon the Earth Plane, you set into motion your individual learning and lessons.

These learnings these lessons of understanding for the evolution of your Soul comes forth with greater understanding.

As you embark here upon this your Earth, you come forth with individual pathways, to learn to grow to prosper and your learnings and evolvement comes forth with the Divine Abilities that have been bestowed upon you all from the Universe and your Soul Journey.

I speak now through the heart of my beloved whom I have journeyed with life after life and we know to well that the Journey of the Soul brings forth many blessings in the midst of great challenge. For the Journey of the Soul is truly a Journey… and we ask you all at this time with the Energy coming forth from the Great Central Sun and in your awakening state to keep a dialogue of events unfolding for this will truly add to your greater understanding.

Timeline shifts are unfolding… Many are you are now flowing through the Halls of Amenti now connecting with timelines and the true purpose of your Soul. Cosmic Awareness is truly unfolding.

The Truths within your hearts are unfolding – for it is from your hearts that the Truths are told… Discernment dear children is a Self Mastery… for there is a struggle of understanding at this time. Connection and Reconnection is the key. The Keys to the Truths lie within the Books of your Lives… and not from the mouths of insignificance that hath been told in the Books of Religions and Sources that have brought about a great distortion.

We encourage all to enter a state of inner oneness and understanding.

The Esoteric Truths from the Universe are unfolding and coming forth now to your hearts in your awakening hour.

I speak now of vibration… and of recognition… for this is the Self Mastery of Greater Understanding of the Truths… for when I say connect dear children you connect with your inner selves… with your vibration…

Here we come from a place and a plane where recognition occurs without touch, without feeling in the way that you know it. We understand the other separate from our self simply by the singing of their soul, the sensation of their vibration and how it meets our own. And we understand our vibration a rippling of the creative force that generates all life. You too are an extension of the vibratory existence that is force creating form.

What might you do when you understand that your vibration changes in accordance with your will? What might you do if you understand that your will changes at the breath of a thought?

Bring new thoughts into your self. Bring new will into your Being. Bring new vibration into your life, and you will find that you will attract to you like vibration. And you will create a symphony among yourselves.

How much greater a symphony sounds to the universal ear than a single instrument flailing alone unaided? The soloist has its part to play, but never alone for long, accompanied always by else.

Know you a soloist in your vibration, and your piece within an orchestra of light. Your role is to sing out your tune and to fall back into the harmony of the orchestra which upholds you.

When we come to you, we come with a message of love. It is ancient, Biblical in your text. It is of a time before pen met paper, when story was told over and over. It is of a time before corruption of such story, before buildings were houses to capture the stories. It is of a time when the message was felt, and experienced in the fibre of being of the beings it indwelt.

Know you to be a body of Light. Know you to be able to effect your world with your light. Understand, truly understand, that when you reach out with your thoughts, when you reach out with your light mind, and your light body, you are entering the real world of your making. This changes your matter world.

Be careful then, what you think. Be careful then, what you wish. Be careful then, the emotive content of your dreams and day dreams, and begetting, and be gone. All will unveil. All will prevail in the Light world that is the world of construction; that is the world of piece and layers that build your being. Be conscious of how you construct. Be aware of what you let in to your construction. Make it and create it with your highest purpose, your highest desire. Let it be that your light creation, the towers of your making, are imbued with Love. Marvel at that. Marvel at it, and practice it. See it and fill that seeing, fill your vision with the love in your heart, and watch your matter world grow from that vision, from those seeds of light.

For dear children know that you are the Masters of your Creation, You are the Masters of your Destination, You are the Masters of Love of Light and of Peace, You are the Masters of Connection. Allow this to flow – Allow this to progress in the co-heirship of love and understanding.

I AM Heru and I speak through Elaine this day. – Channel: Elaine DeGiorgio