Sananda/Jesus via Ann Dahlberg, April 19th, 2019


April 19th, 2019

Channel: Ann Dahlberg


I am Jesus and I am the redeemer in this world. I am the bridge on which you cross over to the kingdom of your Holy Father. The bridge shines in many different colors and is a beautiful beginning on a new life. You have then chosen to let go of all your illusions and start to see everything in a clearer light. The truth has slowly been awoken within you and you understand what you have been and where you are going. You spread roses on your path instead of the sticks that you for a long time have been carrying around. The sticks are a symbol of guilt and the constant whip you had with you to free yourselves from the guilt – A guilt that is already forgiven and redeemed. The roses symbolize your awakening to yourselves. The thorns can still sting you a bit, but only as a reminder of the path you have chosen.

You have chosen the path of waking up and the path of truth and light. You stand at the door to ascension, the portal that I showed when I walked among you on Earth under the name of Jesus or Jeshua. You have chosen your path dear humans on Earth. You have chosen the path of the light, but the old familiar thought pattern could still fool you to take some side steps now and then. It is then that some reminders in the form of the thorns of the rose enter so that you return to the passage that you have started on.

I am with you and help you so that the path will not be so long. You can get lost if the focus is in the wrong place. The time is here for Earth and its inhabitants to aim its focus towards the light and see its salvation there. It is now that the light has come in order to stay and you receive much help with seeing the truths that have been hidden from you – The truth about yourselves and the realm you come from. Nothing within you has changed. You are still the divine beings that you once were created as. These creations are already within you and all of you will find them there when the time is right. For many of you the time is right now, so try to find your light, your love, peace and harmony. It is waiting to be rediscovered. It is a patient wait, a patience that does not exist in your world where everything now has to go as fast as possible.

It is in your chamber of peaceful contentment that you can find your calling. When you have found it then go and contribute with your light and help to brighten your world. Seek the help of your brothers and sisters, as this is a joint goal that needs to be shared by many. You are a unit in which love and light resides. You enter into your light and loving world together. It is then that the great light and the great joy greets you welcome with all the love that can be mustered, and its love cannot be found anywhere else than in the kingdom of love and light – A love that is not of this world, but is an unconditional all encompassing love that cannot be described in words. I can only convey a small part of it to your world. Once you are in realm of love and light all the knowledge is there and nothing more needs to be explained, as everything is eternal and loving. Feel this love and stillness within you and you will have experienced a part of your Father’s Kingdom. Remain in your Father’s love and your life will turn dramatically, from the darkness you have gotten used to a lighter life with greater joy and confidence in yourself and your fellow humans.

I follow you on your journey.

Much love,




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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