Love is our new reality

The Collective of Guides via Caroline Oceana Ryan, July 10th, 2020

A Message to Lightworkers – July 10, 2020

This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elementals, Fae Elders, Angelic legions, and Archangels known as the Collective:

Greetings, dear ones! We are very pleased to have this chance to speak with you today.

We note that many are feeling almost as if they fell asleep one night on one planet, and woke up on another.

They are feeling that the schematics have shifted, from a planet in which things were, if rocky and unsure at times, at least “normal” enough that one could plan one’s day without undue accommodations for strange and unsettling situations, to a planet in which that is practically the norm.

The predictability of life appears to have faded.

Though many have now returned to the workplace, many others have lost their work and income, as many still wonder what would become of them or a loved one if one of they were to fall ill, while praying for those who have fallen ill.

Many wonder what will befall local, national, and international economies, including jobs and cost of living.

You may find yourself wondering how much longer these circumstances will continue, while feeling sad or angry about the systemic violence against unarmed persons of one race or another.

Millions around the world are now demanding that all persons be treated with fairness and respect, and treated in just and equal ways.

Most assuredly, great change is afoot!

Yet most of you are also aware of that which many are calling breakthrough moments and realizations in consciousness, occurring now on a mass scale.

This is happening alongside the shifts now occurring in your DNA and cellular makeup, which are recreating themselves to accommodate the powerful influxes of Light reaching you now.

The growing realization that every human life is precious, including that of the indigenous, is coming forward at the same time that concern for your Earth’s well-being is growing powerfully.

We wish you to know that from where we stand, we see your Light more powerfully breaking through the old restrictions under which humanity has labored for thousands of years—more powerfully now than it ever has, since the fall to the third dimension.

Yes, you are assisted by certain astrological alignments.

You are assisted by global Peace meditations, by gatherings small and large in which Light Warriors take stand strong for those principles and wisdom that form the basis of the New Earth.

And you are assisted by those persons in places of Earth authority who, in addition to encouraging your bravery and higher view of life, now take their cue from your leadership, rather than asking you to take your cue from theirs.

All of that is very beautiful to see—the aura of the planet shines more powerfully than it has in eons! And we celebrate such with you.

Yet there is something happening now that is far bigger than that. Even bigger than the increased numbers of ships landing.

For these moments do not define you in some new way.

They are occurring because you are independently defining yourselves in a new way, separate from circumstances, though encouraged by them.

You are defining who you are as a planet of people who have decided to claim full sovereignty—self-governing and self-determining, in the highest sense.

And so the old lie that, “If left to your own devices, you will never be safe (or moral, or dependable, well-fed, or acceptable to God)” begins to dim increasingly as you and your fellow Light Bringers realize, “We have come here for this!”

“We don’t need any authority to tell us what to value, what to believe in, what to call True for us.

“We have our own inner compass, our own higher selves to assist us in remembering the Light we all of us came from.

“We have our own Vision! We are no longer alone in the wilderness, intimidated or owned by the biggest hunters in the forest. We are finally Home.”

Now, many feel they are still learning to follow their own inner compass, to follow the guidance of their higher self.

You may wonder if it’s possible to hear your own higher aspect at all times, to lift all situations to a higher vibrational level, guided by the New Earth vision of your higher self.

In truth, you need no authority beyond your own beautiful higher consciousness.

Certainly there are basic rules of common sense. One ought to follow speed limits while driving, for example, for pure safety.

Yet you are in this life to live out your own higher path, releasing all social dictates, religious dictums, family expectations, and even the direction and influence of leaders of a spiritual movement, that would misguide you.

“How do I know I am on the right path?” is a question we hear often.

We can only say—come as you are, dear ones! You are perfect already.

As your great teacher Eckhart Tolle would say, “Enter the Now from here.”

Rather than waiting till all is well, till you feel confident of your own spiritual gifts and adeptness, we would begin now to key into your own inner higher voice and guidance, and to test out in small ways what that direction and guidance is.

If you find it difficult to hear the voice of your higher self and guides, we suggest beginning with muscle testing, since most people experience numerous energetic influences, and can at first be misled by the wrong inner voice.

And so you might ask which film to watch, or what kind of exercise to seek out today, or what kind of music to listen to, and see where your Spirit team leads you with Yes or No answers to the choices you have before you.

See if a choice you hadn’t thought of pops into your head at that time or a bit later, and if it has a feeling of Lightness to it, perhaps give that a try.

Test this out on the small areas of life, till your confidence grows to where you know you are able to trust these inner leanings, then begin to ask bigger questions—about work, about a new friend or potential partner you have met, about various life changes.

Over time, you will come to enjoy the Love and active support of your Spirit guides, Angelic guardians, and higher self.

You will come to see that your Spirit team are assisting you on levels of life you had not even considered yet, and you will value them in ways that will reveal to you a newfound Love and respect for yourself.

For when you listen to what is for your higher good and act upon that (though the outer evidence may not have yet revealed why that is the best path at present), you trust and Know yourself on a whole higher level.

You also connect more easily with the many millions around the Earth now choosing to hear the music of the higher realms, over the chaos and din of the old order.

We rejoice with you that you are not only remaking your world; you are becoming your own Light Being self.

And have you done this before? Of course! Yet perhaps, not quite to this dramatic degree.

Every moment upon your New Earth is a shining birth, a green shoot that pushes up above the ground, or a wave shaped uniquely upon the sea, to be reborn over and over again.

This is your victory—that there is no struggle, no fight, no darkness to overcome.

You are as you have always been—a beautiful higher being, journeying through this Universe and beyond, experiencing all of Life, purely for the Joy of it.

Namaste, dear ones! We are with you, always.


Copyright 2020, Caroline Oceana Ryan