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Father Absolute

Fader Absolute – Window on New World (Star Families), January 11th, 2023

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Father Absolute – window on new world (galactic tourism), january 10th, 2023

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Father Absolute – Window on new world (intergalactic language), January 9th, 2023

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Father Absolute – window on new world (not dreaming but when awake), january 8th, 2023

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Father Absolute – Window on new world (karmic “Genealogy”), January 6th, 2023

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Father Absolute – Battle for Humanity Survival, January 5th, 2023

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Father Absolute – Window on new world (behind the veil of mystery), January 4th, 2023

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 4 January 2023 


Greetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to explain to you why the valid information about aliens is being so thoroughly concealed from you.

And though a lot of films have been made about them, they have not become closer or easier to understand for you because, as a rule, they are presented to you as somebody alien, aggressive and technocratic.

Indeed, their cutting-edge technologies are incomparable to yours as they are based on quite distinct principles of operation that have been unknown on Earth so far.

But, meanwhile, their consciousness is as highly developed.

Of course, now at issue are the civilizations of the Fifth dimension and higher, not the Greys who have been cooperating with the deep state’s representatives since long ago, with their goals being far from harmless in terms of humanity.

As a matter of fact, the leading countries of the world’s heads are well-informed about human-friendly highly developed civilizations.

Yet, they do not hurry to share this information with their nations for a number of reasons.

Firstly, they think that people are not ready to take in the information thus shocking – for too long aliens from other planets have been presented in an unflattering guise.

Yet, the main reason is that they are afraid of losing their power.

As you know, there are globalists’ henchmen at the helm of the most countries of the world at present.

Almost all state heads that were opposing the shadow government were either physically neutralized or are controlled by means of bribery, blackmail and threat.

As a result, the population of Earth has found themselves hostages to a group of criminals who are pursuing their own mercenary goals.

And everything that does not comply with the humanity enslavement programme and its implementation is hidden from the population of Earth with diligence.

Therefore, they realize perfectly well how dangerous the Disclosure of the very fact of your Galaxy brothers and sisters’ existence for them is.

It can turn the tide of people’s mentality and lead the development of the society in quite a different direction – opposite the one that was set by the shadow government for it.

They are especially afraid of direct contacts of earthlings with the representatives of highly developed civilizations since in this case people will start getting information from the primary source, not from the mainstream news channels bought by globalists and entertainment channels that dutifully make every wish of their masters come true.

But, as you see, my dear, times are changing, and more and more people can get in touch with their Galaxy brothers both in terms of energy and in a telepathic way.

You have got an opportunity to learn about the fact of their existence and the assistance they provide you with by means of the messages they channel through channelers in different countries.

But here you can be awaited by danger too since the people whose vibrations are not high enough so far often pass the desired for reality putting down the things that are dictated by the upper and sometimes lower astral beings.

That is why, please, each time you read this or that message from extraterrestrial civilizations check for vibrations both the text and the contactee that channeled the message.

Use your intuition, chakra scale, logical thinking – the things that are available to you at this moment not to be deceived.

And remember: true messages arriving from the Forces of Light and higher worlds inhabitants always communicate information briefly and clearly to you, without floridity or high-flown words, which is typical of the upper astral beings that love to stand conspicuously before people.

And one more tip: if you are unable to keep in touch with your Galaxy brothers in a telepathic way, do not push the things but try to feel their energies and simply invoke them at your meditations.

This way, little by little, you will make the path to closer interaction with them.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you


Father Absolute – Window On New World (one type of mentality), january 3d, 2023

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 3 January 2023 


Greetings, my dear beloved children!

For my previous message to be continued, today I would like to concentrate on some other differences and similarities of earthlings and the representatives of highly developed extraterrestrial civilizations.

And this time we will talk about the type of mentality of the former and the latter.

Generally speaking, they coincide to a large degree, with the only difference being the fact that in the absence of duality in higher dimensions worlds their inhabitants’ thoughts lack negative character.

And even if they feature comparative analysis, it is based on observations and strife for getting to the heart of the things, not censure and comparison that are the case in the third dimension world.

It is especially apparent now when your Galaxy brothers and sisters are thoroughly observing all the processes now in progress on Earth.

You are likely to be able to imagine how many things on your planet surprise them and especially the injustice and cruelty for the side of the ruling top holding sway over here and almost slavish obedience of millions of people who are not used to expressing their free will.

To them the behaviour like this is a stage they passed long ago and, nevertheless, they do not look at earthlings with censure but with great sympathy and Love being aware of the fact that everyone has to gain such experience thereby turning over this page of their Soul’s evolution and opening a new one.

The things that we have already talked about a lot of times with you: that everything that takes place around you should be taken not like by a judge but from the point of view of a wise onlooker, turned from theory to practice for them long ago.

But they do not exclude their participation in the events either, in case the majority of people express their will for this and if their interference complies with the Laws of the Universe.

I know that many of you looking at their environment and the situation in the world in general can hardly imagine that the number of mindful people will overweigh that of the mindless – the souls that are still fast asleep.

Yet, as a matter of fact, at issue are just humans – pure human souls that have come to Earth to make Transition and they actually start reviving quite fast.

While the others: clones, biorobots, reptiloids, Orions and many other representatives of low vibration civilizations embodied as humans with the best will in the world will not be able to cross the border line that separates the third dimension even from the fourth, let alone the Fifth dimension.

But most often they are even far from expressing such a desire, to say the least of being aware of how crucial the current period is that is experienced by Earth and her inhabitants.

That is why the opinion of this segment of your planet’s population is not taken into account and, consequently, despite their numerical superiority over pure human souls, they will not be able to retard Transition or influence the decision of your Galaxy brothers about support to humanity.

While those who have revived – whose consciousness has reached the level of the fourth dimension in terms of their mentality become close to those who have given you a helping hand.

And this convergence will go on as long as Earth’s and humanity’s vibrations increase until it grows into your active interaction and cooperation at the physical level that will be based on the very one type of your mentality.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you


Father Absolute – Window on new world (sacred geometry of the humanoid body), January 2nd, 2023

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 2 January 2023   


Greetings, my dear beloved children!

As a follow-up to the talk about the cooperation of different civilizations of your Galaxy I would like to focus on one more its peculiarity.

And it is in the fact that a lot of its civilizations are related genetically with one another.

All of them mostly feature the humanoid type of the body, and it is not accidental.

It is the humanoid type civilizations that are more prone to spiritual development, and it is easier for them to reach the level of the fifth dimension and higher.

And even all the representatives of the highly developed civilizations on Earth – such as Lemurians, Atlantes, Hyperboreans – were looking very much the same as people but they were much taller.

That is why so many artifacts on your planet convey traces of gigantic inhabitants of Earth in comparison with man.

Why is it the humanoid type that is characteristic of the higher dimensions inhabitants?

There are several reasons for that and one of them is sacred geometry.

Remember the famous drawing by Leonardo de Vinci that reflects it to a large extent.

The thing is that the human body features ideal proportions that allow energy to circulate the way to nourish each cell of the body at the same time filling it with the Divine substance that on Earth is the blood.

Thanks to the humanoid structure of the body the circulation of the blood follows the trajectory that not only maintains physical life in one: specific temperature, body tissues being saturated with oxygen but also unites one’s material and spiritual principles preventing life energy from congesting, the one featured by the blood.

We will not dwell on the chemical details of the processes taking place in the body of humanoids as they are too complicated and do not make the object of our study.

At this moment it is essential for you to understand the general principles of your own structure and that of your galaxy brothers.

It is them that unite you and facilitate convergence both at the energy and physical level.

You will agree that it would be much harder for you to accept brothers in mind strikingly different in appearance from you since your subconsciousness has already had the image of a highly developed living being instilled into it.

And this image is just a humanoid one and not an insectoid one, for example, or some other.

Yet, there are differences between you that are determined by different living conditions.

For instance, the blood of not all the inhabitants of your Galaxy is of the same colour.

There can also vary the colour of the skin, body proportions, the size and shape of the head, facial features and even the number of eyes.

But the principle of the body functioning is identical for all humanoid beings, with the opportunities of spiritual development being as identical because all of them have upper chakras and the pineal gland that are getting more and more activated as long as these creatures’ vibrations increase and they move to higher and higher dimensions.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you


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Father Absolute – Flight to new world, january 1st, 2023

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 1 January 2023 


Greetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to wish each of you to cross the threshold of a new year in an unusual way – to start not simply the following year of 2023 but a new life of the fourth dimension having left behind in the year that passed all the old, third dimension things that have had their days: all your unbalanced thoughts, emotions, habits, traditions…

And so that it would be easier for you to make it real, I will offer you now a very powerful and efficient meditation that I suggest you should do on the first day of the new year.

But it is essential that you start doing this meditation in calm and harmonious condition.

If for some reasons you do not find yourselves in such condition, then before the meditation do a séance on total purification of your energy space by the Flame of Universe Love.

Well, let us get down to the meditation itself that we will call “A flight to a new world”.

Invoke all your Heavenly assistants and reach quite deep meditative condition.

Then invoke the Energy of Ascension.

Feel it filling all your being starting with the seventh chakra and gradually coming down along the chakra axis…

It is slowing down at each chakra “winding” it clockwise as quickly as possible – so that the subtle body corresponding to it will get impregnated with this Divine high vibration energy.

As long as it is descending more and more until it reaches the first chakra, you will get an increasing feeling of your subtle bodies becoming expanded, as well as all your energy space.

It will seem to you that you have turned into a huge ball – light and lively…

And then in your thoughts put yourselves into the centre of Earth and get merged with her in terms of energy completely.

Imagine that you have One chakra system and One subtle bodies with Earth.

Feel your chakras “winding” the Energy of Ascension and embracing vast areas.

The radius of their action extends as far as the whole planet of yours, while your subtle bodies are merging with the subtle bodies of Earth.

And at the moment when you feel it most keenly, imagine that the Earth One with you begins slowly rising up crossing the invisible border line that separates the third dimension from the fourth one.

She is sparkling all over being iridescent same as you are.

You lift off the surface of the old Earth that is moving farther and farther away from you.

And you, being inside the new wonderful Earth, are flying as if in a balloon to the long-awaited high vibration space of the fourth and then that of the Fifth dimension.

Get the feeling of flight.

Feel your vibrations increasing.

You are overflowing with the Energy of Unconditional Love.

You feel incredibly calm and blessed in your Soul.

And at the moment of supreme bliss imagine that you are sharing this condition with the collective human conscience.

Being its particle, you are giving your Love and Light out to each person on Earth…

And now not only you but the whole humanity is rising up with Earth within the wonderful rainbow flow of the Energy of Ascension.

While the old Earth of the third dimension has turned into a small hardly noticeable point somewhere below, and you have ultimately undocked from it having thrown off the old “clothing” of the third dimension matrix as something unnecessary and out of use…

Recover from the meditation when this old Earth has got out of sight completely…

I bless you, my dear, for the entry into a new happy Era of you and your planet!

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you


Father Absolute – Window On new Worlds (coalitions), December 30th, 2022

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 30 December 2022     


Greetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will continue talking about the cooperation of different civilizations in your Galaxy, and this time we will focus on its practical part.

As a matter of fact, to a great extent it resembles the things now in progress on your planet, with the only difference being in that on Earth there are created coalitions of countries and in your Galaxy there are created coalitions of planets or civilizations.

What makes the basis of any coalition to be created?

Common interests, before all.

And here there are great differences.

As a rule, on Earth some countries “make friends” against others and these countries’ interests are most often quite mercenary.

It is very seldom the case that coalitions of the third dimension world are made for mutually beneficial cooperation and mutual aid.

Such an attempt was made last century by the Soviet Union that arranged its relations with the republics holding membership in the Union as well as with a number of socialist countries on really disinterested and friendly basis.

But, as you know, this island of peace and mutual understanding was not favoured by those who considered themselves the masters of the world, and the deep state did their best not only to ruin this peace-loving union of friendly countries but also to play them off against one another.

The fruit of this activity is being harvested by you now.

It is explained by the fact that any political units contrary to the favourite method of globalists “Divide and rule” are doomed to fail till there are the Dragon reptiles and Orion at the helm of your planet.

These creatures feature quite a different value standard.

It is money and power.

All the rest is unclear and even hostile to them since it conveys distinct energies – untypical of them.

As for coalitions that are initiated by highly developed civilizations of your Galaxy, they are based on the principles of Unity, Equality and Brotherhood – the things awaiting people too who will be able to move to the Fifth dimension with Earth.

Since in the high dimensions worlds there is no competition as a result of duality, these worlds’ inhabitants are happy to share their unique technologies and developments in different spheres of life with one another.

Unfortunately, it concerns military developments too as the presence of low vibration civilizations in your Galaxy also requires creation of military coalitions for maintaining the balance between the Forces of Light and Dark and keeping one’s energy space pure.

A vivid example of such coalition is the Galaxy Light Federation that unites dozens of highly developed civilizations.

Created as its part the military fleet under the command of Ashtar Sheran carries out thorough observation of all the events taking place in your Galaxy and confers authorities to interfere with them if necessary.

But the final decision is made by the Military Council of the GLF, with all the factors and interests of all this coalition’s members having been taken into consideration.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you


Father Absolute – Window On New World (“Cross” Interaction), December 28th, 2022

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 28 December 2022     


Greetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will consider collaboration between different civilizations of your Galaxy from the energy point of view.

How does the interaction of those who find themselves at different vibration levels occur?

To start with, all the energy processes in your Galaxy occur in compliance with the Laws of the Universe.

So, there are dark and light conglomerations in it, as well as a neutral zone that separates them.

And since everything in the Universe is developing, their energies are constantly changing: some civilizations follow the path of evolution and, consequently, their vibrations increase, others – that of involution thereby decreasing their vibrations.

A vivid example of this is the civilizations currently inhabiting Earth: that of humans who are trying to break free from the third dimension world and that of the Dragon reptiles whose ultimate fall into Dark is inevitable now.

Another example of civilizations of different vibrations is Mars that has become the harbour of the Forces of Dark both at the subtle and physical level and the highly developed civilizations of Andromeda, Arcturus, Sirius and the Pleiades existing in the fifth dimension and higher.

Well, the Martians actively cooperate with the Dragon reptiles and Orions thereby multiplying Evil even more and decreasing the vibrations of their planet still more, while the mentioned above highly developed civilizations help pure human souls that are trying to move to the world of higher dimensions.

In the former and the latter case there is both energy and physical interaction since at this moment really a lot in your Galaxy depends on the planet of Earth that is making never-seen-before evolution progress.

That is why Earth and her inhabitants are liable to by far the most powerful influence from both the parties – those of the Forces of Light and Dark.

The former and the latter are eager to replenish their part of the Galaxy with the energy they need thereby consolidating their position.

But the Forces of Light play according to the rules – observing the Laws of the Universe and the Dark ones – neglecting any rules.

The representatives of the Forces of Light showing respect to the free will of people interfere with their destiny only when they are asked for and always with good intentions.

While the representatives of the Forces of Dark do not loathe by far the dirtiest methods driving humanity to slavery both morally and physically not only on Earth but also bringing people to other planets against their will.

All this has been taking place since long ago but is thoroughly concealed from the population of Earth.

This is what accounts for mysterious disappearance of thus large number of people all over the world.

In the nearest future humanity is awaited by disclosure of a great deal of shocking facts about the ruling top’s crimes that have already gone far beyond Earth.

As you see, my dear, your interaction with the representatives of both human-friendly and human-hostile civilizations reached its active phase long ago, which has been concealed from common people so far.

Yet, of course, this is not the only example of the interaction like this in the history of your Galaxy.

The evolution experience like this has been lived through by many currently highly developed civilizations, with the only difference being in that this process was developing gradually, not in such a swift way as it is the case on Earth now.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you


Father Absolute – Lifelong Holiday, December 27th, 2022

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 27 December 2022 


Greetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to digress from our topic again and talk about the coming holidays.

Why in my recent messages did I ask you not to get involved into the New Year Eve’s fuss but to concentrate on the main things – reconsidering of your life?

The main reason is that general holiday rush does not facilitate at all the increase of your vibrations and even maintaining them at the former level.

Do not forget about the fact that any WELL-ESTABLISHED holiday is, first of all, a commercial action of globalists.

Moreover, official holidays on Earth do not feature any actual basis since all history dates and events were distorted long ago by religions and the world ruling top.

Almost all your holidays were created artificially for one single purpose – that of PROFIT and, besides, not only material profit but energy too.

What energies are emitted by people while anticipating a holiday and celebrating it?

As a rule, OVEREXCESSIVE ones.

But you already know that such energies – be it positive or negative ones – convey low vibrations because any overexcitement tells negatively on psychic and physical condition of a person.

As OVEREXCESSIVE can turn out holiday meals and drinking during the parties, which produces pernicious effect on your health.

And it is especially true about Christmas and New Year thus loved by many people that have already been made into a fetish all around the globe.

They make huge money on all the attributes connected with them, and the preparation for these holidays begins long before they start.

And people obediently rise to this commercial fly wasting money on unnecessary things and presents that mostly appear to be useless.

Why does this happen?

Generally, because of the fact that the human Soul strives for a holiday, joy, wonders, for each of you despite age is a child deep inside.

So, even this natural desire of people has been give total control over to the Dragon reptiles who literally gobble the energy of millions of people that simultaneously give themselves up to gluttony, hard drinking and raging of the lowest passions.

But your Soul strives for quite a different holiday.

A true enjoyment for it is QUIET JOY without any fuss or luxuries that is based on YOUR desires, not somebody else’s will that is imposed on you.

And such holidays can be celebrated by you and your children whenever you like – on any bright sunny day when everybody is in a good mood, when your close friends come around or during spontaneous meetings with interesting people who are congenial in spirit to you.

Improvising and creativity are the things that should make the basis of any holiday, not the stereotypes imposed on you and the must-have attributes suggested by somebody else.

It is especially important now when even century-old established traditions are being perverted and really satanic impulses and rites are being introduced that are sometimes disguised and invisible by you.

Take care of your Souls and especially those of your children.

Invent your own holidays and traditions featuring the spiritual principle: Love and Light, Joy and Happiness.

It will help you overcome the border line that separates the third dimension world from that of the fourth one and then go on – to the long-awaited Fifth dimension.

And I bless you for this!

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you


Father Absolute – window on new world (so as to keep balance), december 26th, 2022

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 26 December 2022 


Greetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to tell you in some detail why the representatives of highly developed extraterrestrial civilizations are so devotedly involved into the Ascension of Earth.

Beside the fact that they are quite closely connected with you genetically, there is one more reason why your transition to the Fifth dimension is so important for them.

They must stop the Evil that has been holding sway on Earth for so long.

If the Dragon reptiles and Orions’ plans had been a success and they had got total control over your planet having destroyed the human race and replaced it with biorobots, which is actually taking place now, it would not have occurred unnoticed for all the Galaxy of yours.

In this case the balance of the forces of Good and Evil would have been upset as a result of which the confrontation between the Forces of Light and the Forces of Dark would have aggravated incredibly.

As you know, everything that happens at the physical level first gets shaped at the subtle one.

These processes are inseparable especially when it concerns global events taking place on this or that planet.

In other words, the energy source nourishing a planet determines the events that take place on it.

So, highly developed civilizations are “connected” to the pure high vibration “power supply” and are in close collaboration with safeguard Gods of their planets.

While the planets that are in lower dimensions, as a rule, partially lose such connection since the negative energies prevailing there attract into their energy space demonic creatures who feed on dark energies.

Which has happened to the planet of Earth when it descended to duality.

As a result, its polluted energy space has influenced the general galactic energy profile too.

It can be compared to a vessel of pure water where a glass of dirty water has been added, which poisoned all the water in the vessel.

And the things now in progress in your Galaxy can be called purification of this “vessel” at all the levels – subtle and physical.

This work is incredibly challenging since the Evil on your planet has reached its summit now.

Wounded and crippled have turned out to be not only the “flesh” of Earth but the consciousness of her inhabitants too.

And so as to change it there is required elaborate work indeed.

You see it yourselves, my dear, how “hardened” has become the consciousness of the majority of your planet’s inhabitants and that it hardly yields to transformation.

The things that have been instilled there must be “cleared up” very quickly – within decades.

But there is no other way out: for every person there has come their own “hour X”.

Everyone is given a chance to break free from duality moving to a wonderful world of the Fifth dimension.

And your Galaxy brothers are giving a helping hand to everybody who is ready to accept it.

The “vessel” will be cleaned anyway, and now the Forces of Light are making incredible efforts to ultimately dissolve with their high vibrations as much of the dirty “sediment” at the bottom of this “vessel” as possible.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you


Father Absolute – Window On New world (Readiness of people for physical contacts)

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 25 December 2022 


Greetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we are drawing a conclusion to the series of my messages on the support provided to earthlings by human-friendly extraterrestrial civilizations.

We have considered three stages of such support.

And now I would like to explain to you how much this support depends on earthlings themselves.

As a matter of fact, it is you – some intentionally, others unintentionally – who determine the degree and quality of this support.

And now we will look closely into both the categories of these people.

We will start with those who unintentionally influence your interaction with aliens.

As a rule, it is those who do not suspect their existence and even if they heard about them, they take the information with distrust or even mockery.

It is this category of people that puts off humanity’s getting acquainted with their Galaxy family.

And it happens because their consciousness is not ready so far for such events unusual for them, and their psyche can simply fail to withstand this.

Such people live by the stereotypes imposed on them by the mass media or science fiction films about bad aliens’ invasion.

In other words, in this issue they are happy with somebody else’s point of view only since their intuition keeps silent, and they are out of habit to think independently.

And if the fact that this category of people comprising the overwhelming majority of Earth’s inhabitants to be taken into consideration, then face-to-face meeting even the friendliest civilizations does not seem possible so far.

The representatives of the Galactic Light Federation are perfectly aware of this and do not hurry to “get into the public eye”.

As far as the other category of people is concerned, the things are not as simple as it may seem either.

Even those of you who in thoughts urge developments being eager to get their Galactic family sooner are not completely ready for this.

Your Souls are subconsciously afraid of such contacts because they understand that your vibrations still do not match the level of those who inhabit the higher dimensions worlds and vibration difference that is too large can be harmful to your psychic and physical condition.

Actually, so far there are very few people on Earth who are totally – at all the levels of existence – are ready to meet the members of their Galaxy family in person.

But what they are ready for now is virtual contacts.

These people mindfully and with total acceptance take the information about the existence of more developed extraterrestrial civilizations and about their desire for helping earthlings make transition to the Fifth dimension.

Moreover, some of them feel at the subtle level and see at the physical one specific support arriving to you from the Heavens.

In their meditations these people have learnt to communicate with the representatives of extraterrestrial races.

They perceive their high vibrations, while some of them communicate with them in a telepathic way.

It is thanks to these people who show their intention to establish closer contacts with extraterrestrial civilizations that have facilitated this process to pass to its active phase.

And the higher the quality of such interaction and the greater the number of the people capable of such communication, the sooner it will grow into your personal contacts at the physical level.

At present the stratification among the inhabitants of Earth is increasing every single day and it is soon now that there will be two parallel worlds – of the third and the Fifth dimensions.

And, of course, your galaxy brothers will show up in the new high vibration world that will be the place for those who do not feel any fear towards them and are completely ready for a face-to-face meeting and all-sided collaboration.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you


Father Absolute – Ten Years Later, december 23, 2022

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Father Absolute – Window on new world (rescue teams), 22 december, 2022

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Father Absolute – Window On New World (Observation and Analysis of Situation), December 21st, 2022

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 21 December 2022     


Greetings, my dear beloved children!

And now we will talk about each of the stages enumerated in my previous message in more detail.

Well, the first stage implies observation of the events taking place on Earth and analysis of situation.

How is this observation implemented?

Perhaps, this process can be called multidimensional since there is thoroughly monitored everything that occurs both beyond Earth and on Earth herself.

Each sector to be watched has its “supervisors” with specific authorities but the major – crucial – decisions for Earth are made by the Special Board on interaction with the planet of Earth made by the Galaxy Federation of Light and sometimes in a higher instance – the Intergalactic Confederation.

As a matter of fact, the things that take place in the energy space beyond Earth are as important as the events at her physical level since it is here where there is developed the programme of actions both by the Forces of Dark that have been “making policy” on your planet and the Forces of Light that include highly developed extraterrestrial civilizations that have been trying to reduce the consequences of such a “policy”.

Quite often between these conflicting parties there arises vehement struggle that has recently become aggravated indeed.

The former are doing their best to prevent Earth and humanity from moving to the Fifth dimension and the latter, on the contrary, are facilitating this Transition.

As a result, in recent years your friends that are members of the Galactic Federation of Light have managed to neutralize the source of Evil – the Center for control of events on Earth created by the Dragon reptiles on the near-earth orbit.

It is from there that threads extended to all the secret societies of the deep state and further – to their marionettes at the helm who submissively execute all their orders.

And the chaos now reigning on Earth is just the consequence of this Centre’s destruction.

For some time everything has kept following the “beaten track” but quite soon this pernicious “train” will finally “come off its tracks”.

Another team of your extraterrestrial friends is watching the current events on Earth in close proximity to her.

It is their spaceships that you see in the night sky, and now their number is increasing in geometrical progression.

And it is connected with the fact that the “wounded beast” is becoming too dangerous trying to pull along to non-existence as many of Earth’s inhabitants as possible.

With the help of extraterrestrial technologies there are neutralized the aftereffects of electromagnetic radiation harmful to people and heavy metals that are dispersed into the air, with all nuclear power stations and nuclear weapons on Earth being under special protection.

This way the near-earth team of the Galaxy Light Federation is trying to prevent the collapse of your civilization from anthropogenic and military disaster that the Dragon reptiles and Orions losing their power over people are trying to initiate tooth and nail.

But what it cannot do is to change the political situation on Earth drastically having replaced the criminal heads of the leading countries of the world for honest and decent people that can stop bloodshed and artificially created economic crisis.

This is the work to be done by earthlings themselves, and such work’s efficiency analysis determines the decisions made by your galaxy brothers and sisters.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you