Love is our new reality

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Montague Keen via Veronica Keen, January 1st, 2017

Montague Keen – January 1, 2017

Use all that you have learned in 2016 to guide you through 2017. So much has been disclosed, and continues to be disclosed, that must be taken on board and used. The illusion that you were living under must be removed. Reality must be faced and dealt with. Those whose hidden hand controls your lives are now named and exposed. It is up to you now how you will deal with it. You must take back control over your lives, of your countries, and of your world. Refuse to support in any way the corrupt system that was criminally imposed on you. Refuse to buy into the fear that is being pushed at you from every angle. It is criminal how the threat of cancer is being used to infuse fear into your lives. You confront it every time you watch television. My dear wife uses a third of a teaspoon of Bicarbonate of Soda in hot water with a little lemon juice, every morning, to ensure she will never get cancer. It works. Bicarbonate of Soda is used by many doctors to cure cancer: research it for yourselves. Please understand that CANCER IS BIG BUSINESS for the drug companies. The threat of it is used heavily to cause fear because this prevents you from connecting with who you are. Cancer is a rod which they can beat you with.

“LOVE OPENS UP A WINDOW TO THE SOUL” (Montague Keen). Where there is love, there is no room for fear. The Cabal would fall apart if you looked, with love in your hearts, at life and the future you wish to create. This is your greatest opportunity to change the course of life for everyone on Earth and to remove all that is evil. You must remove all that has made life on Earth a struggle to survive. Banks must go. They have an evil stranglehold on humanity and war is used to increase their assets. Banks have a stranglehold on every country. Ask youself who are they to dictate to the world?

There will be a difficult period as you remove all of the corrupt system. Throughout history you have coped with worse things, so you will survive. There are good people who are ready to lead the way forward. The Cabal knows that it has lost the battle. Too much has been exposed about who they are, and how they use you as slaves to serve them. Your suffering gave them great joy and they have thrived on it. It has taken you a long time to wake up and see things as they really are, rather than as you believed them to be. Courage is needed now to remove every last vestige of Cabal control from your lives and from your world. Let this be your New Year resolution. Together, you cannot fail. Do not do anything that could possibly harm the human race. Protect each other. You entered the world with nothing and you will leave it with nothing. All that you have acquired, whether through good or evil, will be left behind. What is important is how you lived your life. Can you face the Source with a clear conscience?

America is doing all in its power to create war with Russia before the corrupt ones leave office. You are being lied to. The Cabal believes that war can save them, as they are desperate to hold on to power. While you, the people, are killing each other, you are not looking at what the Cabal is doing. This provides them with the oxygen to survive. They are parasites who have lived well on your suffering and they demand the right to continue to do so. Is this what you want? What more do they need to do to you, before you say enough is enough and remove them from power. Stop being their servile slaves. Stand in your own power.

America’s House of Cards is about to fall. The American people have been lied to so much. They are totally ignorant of what is happening all around them. America was infiltrated and taken over many years ago. It has lived on a knife edge ever since, while pretending to be a world power. It is like a great fish, floundering in the water, looking for war everywhere, in an effort to survive. There is no justice in America. The people are treated badly and there is no respect at all. Everything is false. It is an Alice in Wonderland situation. The parasites want America for themselves, to use as their headquarters.

Americans, open your eyes and listen with open minds. See for yourselves what is being done to you, right under your noses. Ignore the lies that trap you, given to you by your TV news channels and newspapers, all owned by the Cabal. They only tell you what the Cabal wants you to know. Search for the truth which is all around you. Be discerning, as your very existence depends on it. The Cabal does not want you to survive. They want what you have.

In my time on Earth, I saw how the human spirit was crushed through education. Every aspect of life on Earth became controlled. Televisions were placed in every household to ensure the masses were mind controlled. Education has produced mindless robots who believe everything they were taught. It was all engineered to create the robots that many of you have become. Now, you are beginning to see this for what it is, and you are rebelling against it. Consequently, THE CABAL IS RUNNING SCARED. SIEZE THIS OPPORTUNITY TO REGAIN YOUR FREEDOM.

My dear, you face many challenges. We are working with you to attain the outcome that humanity needs.

Together forever. Your adoring, Monty.
Website: The Montague Keen Foundation